Trendy kitchens
They're good-looking but that's not all. Rooms for family living, they play on their layout and colours to mask their practicality. By Ccile Olivro
Sleek and slender SLEEK AND SLENDER
Haute couture cookers finally have a showcase on a par with their elegance. Recently opened in Cannes, the boutique Cook & Toques presents two brands that are essential for anyone wanting to install the Rolls Royce of ovens in their kitchen. First, Aga, which just celebrated the 80th anniversary of its first model, second, La Cornue, whose career began in 1908. Today, they share the same showroom, together with their last-born. From Aga, discover LHybride, a combination of a traditional cooker which accumulates heat in its cast iron and a conventional cooker or module. Which gives appreciable flexibility in everyday use and the possibility of roasting, simmering, braising, frying The latest offering from La Cornue called Chteau 150 boasts two vaulted ovens, one gas, the other electric. Awarded top marks by chefs all over the world ! 30 boulevard de Lorraine, 06400 Cannes (04 93 68 71 61).
Cuisines tendance CUISINES TENDANCE
With this new label, Arthur Bonnet ended the year in style. Kitchens show themselves off and show every facet combining style and functionality. The latest model, a real eye-catcher, is Harmonie Noisette, a prototype of the real kitchen you life in and with. Next to it is Emotion, user-friendly and subtle, Rivoli, sober and linear, Posie, warm and sweet, and Srnit, elegantly designed in natural materials. They all share the same mandatory requirement of user-friendliness and shareability. Nothing superfluous, clear spaces and clearly outlined areas. And an ultra-clear response to our wants and needs. Zone Cap 3000, angle Lon-Branger/Marchal-Juin (04 93 56 81 66).
Leicht has got the message : kitchens have to meet the most diverse needs, in practicality, communication and good looks. The Largo series, LG and FG, are prime examples of what one expects for the 21st century : modern, congenial elements, pure white or colour, with functional layout. The same goes for Avance, RK/LG or HI/KG. As for Esprit, a classic in its kind, it alone sums up the Leicht philosophy.
Sales at Ambiance Cuisines, 3 rue Eugne-Emmanuel, Nice (04 93 88 50 80).
Sheer seduction SHEER SEDUCTION
If one had to find a synonym for Allmilm, it would definitely be elegance. Up to the minute, even ahead of fads and fashions, hi-tech of course, but above all, elegant. Take Interstreamline (photo) : refined curves, grooving for drawers in the low-level elements, translucid glass In brilliantly-lacquered, aluminium-tinted oak veneer, Tip Tec has no handles. Ditto for Linea : pure lines with handles integrated into the structure. Allmilm gives kitchens forms, functions, elegance and refinement, all in contemporary and custom-made layouts. The designers anticipate changes, aware that kitchens must be both attractive and practical. Opening up to the rest of the home, they play their part in overall decor.
A la carte A LA CARTE
Varenna proposes a wide array of kitchens to suit all tastes - and cooks ! With Alea (photo), you can share these moments of real conviviality. Line gives pride of place to white and plays on minimalism. Planet offers a really exceptional amount of storage and a choice of finishing touches. "Habit symbolizes brightness, spaciousness, warmth and youth.
In sales at Design Cuisine, 28 avenue Gnral-Maizire, Antibes (04 93 34 77 45).
Modus clears the stage for a live-in kitchen with an architecture rich in symbols and total transformation of conventional kitchen space. Binova.
High-Teck proposes a kitchen with brand new architecture advocating streamlined, rhythmical lines. Teak goes hand-in-hand with lacquer, steel and Corian. Salvarani.
Chic for city living Comera CHIC FOR CITY LIVING COMERA
Edito isnt one to hide its personality. Sober and refined, it plays on the horizontal aspect of its design and a blend of materials (natural oak and shiny white laminate). One discovers its practical side in the all-out opening of its cupboards and drawers. Comera (02 51 45 75 75).
A little gem Schiffini A LITTLE GEM SCHIFFINI
The doors and work surfaces of G.Box are covered in glass (resistant to thermic shocks). And a peninsula in satin stainless steel plays host to cooking plates or serves as a breakfast bar. Here, its essentials that count, with intelligence, practicality and a great sense of esthetics. Schiffini (04 76 21 65 02).
Black is back BLACK IS BACK
Porcelanosa. This black granite work surface has a cooking plate and a sink in stainless steel. It is part of the G720 kitchen, a model combining American oak with contemporary design (door and drawers). Its central island provides lots of practical storage space. Porcelanosa, N 01 69 75 40 00 and www.porcelanosa.fr
Warm and Lively WARM AND LIVELY
Cuisines Philippe. Offering reassuring modernity, Largeau is a kitchen for city living, young at heart and easy to live in. Its also intemporal. With its lacquered doors in a choice of colours, you can opt for a shiny or satin finish. As for style, it is discreet but efficient, providing maximum storage and playing on the transparency of some of its units, allowing one to guess what they contain. The long sleek handles further accentuate the feeling of lightness. And the central island (sturdy, in contrast), offers spaciousness for rinsing and preparation. A congenial kitchen where cooking is fun ! Cuisines Philippe, 400 alle des Terriers Nord, Antibes (04 93 74 38 54).
Leader Cucine. Naik deserves to be put in a beautiful space to express its personality. It tempers the sobriety of oak with shiny white lacquer, playing on a contrasting light/dark score. Its wall fittings have Push openings while the low-level units have Naik handles. In five shades of wood and laminates and fifteen shades for the lacquer, this contemporary kitchen offers a wealth of styles. Leader Cucine, www.leadercucine.it
Home sweet home HOME SWEET HOME
Arthur Bonnet. Emotion comes with frontages in twelve different colours. The shade called avocado fits it like a glove, making it very homely. Without, however, neglecting its functional purpose : built-in oven, cupboard and several drawers. Arthur Bonnet, ZI du Beal, les Tourrades, Le Cannet (04 93 34 48 04 80) et 31 rue Benot Bunico, Nice (04 93 13 90 83).
Zeyko. Harmonie invites you to enjoy shared moments of culinary creativity ! Very sober, it goes right to the heart of the matter, softening the apparently cold aspect of aluminium with the warmth of wood. Its imposing central island allows for free and easy movement, and its many storage compartments comprise one of its greatest assets. Zeyko Neyrolle Cuisines, 23 rue de lHtel des Postes, Nice (04 93 13 44 73).
High demands HIGH DEMANDS
The ambiance conveyed by Frame is elegant and refined, as well as terribly tidy ! The wall of cupboards, which open out entirely, is impressive for its depth. And yet far from being cold, this kitchen can also create intimate little nooks and accommodate traditional culinary activities to perfection. Everything has been studied down to the last detail to make it efficient : each square centimetre caters for a precise need. The bonus : total discretion, once the doors are closed. Art for arts sake ! Elmar, 00 39 04 22 84 91 42.
The 6006 is 45 years old ! Whats new about it ? Its plinths, curved windows and satiny, stripey or shiny hues. SieMatic.
Omnia asserts its personality as an innovative kitchen but conceals its technology. The silhouette of a star, and a wealth of solutions for a kitchen to compose on a tailormade basis. Bontempi.
The b3 planning system with a shiny grey wall panel, white units fitted with the Touch System, a central island with bar, table and bench. Bulthaup.
Immaculate and sculptural, Avance comes in shiny white lacquer and offers a pleasing example of the kitchen of today. An exercise in style signed Leicht.
De Tonge. Bastide is a family kitchen. It appeals for the soft hues of its old-fashioned patina and its furniture in mellow tones. A pioneer in the use of colour in the early nineties, this brand was awarded a gold medal in the Cuisines et Bains dOr contest, 2005. De Tonge, 810 route de la Valmasque, Valbonne (04 93 95 80 00).
Get together GET TOGETHER
Hardy Inside. Three features contribute to the success of Vendme : cherrywood, aluminium and a lacquered pastel yellow Panama finish. Whats clever is that the sinks are positioned at the far end of the work surface and allow for storage ; one can then add drainers, bottle racks, cutlery containers Hardy Inside, sales outlets 0 800 928 800.
Hi-tech HI-TECH
Arc Linea. Artusi is a flexible, open-ended project based on free-standing elements. Each work unit remains autonomous and adds to the other functions. The star is steel, for hygiene and indestructability. Guaranteeing elegance, the doors have built-in handles and high legs for easy cleaning. Arc Linea, from Artes Domus, 112 cours Sextius, Aix-en-Provence (04 42 96 63 51).
Surprising ! SURPRISING !
Introducing Modern Art de Luxe, a kitchen of very pure design. Its faades with their olive-wood veneer (shiny lacquer and long horizontal veins) propose a warm Mediterranean feel, unexpected from this brand, but highly congenial. All surrounded by shiny lacquer in pale ivory. In terms of practicality, the surprise comes from the drawers. Two metres forty wide, they contain smaller drawers, home to a host of utensils, jars, cutlery depending on your needs. The result : one almost wants to open them simply for the pleasure of admiring their contents and capacity ! Allmilm Neyrolle Cuisines, 23 rue de lHtel des Postes, Nice (04 93 13 44 73).
+Intgration takes a new look at the kitchen concept. Its esthetic approach banishes compromises in favour of optimized architecture and a new way of living, which incorporate the idea of a concert hall, cinema, library or study in the home. The room thus becomes a real place for meeting up, opening out to the rest of the house. All types of scenarios become possible, and the kitchen embarks upon a new era. Poggenpohl, Interior Future, 17 rue Gubernatis, Nice (04 93 62 07 21).
Pretty curves PRETTY CURVES
Pedini. In Artika, geometry gets a new spin, practicality and ergonomics are taken into account, and even flattered ! Doors made of European cherrywood, surfaces in Carrara marble, clever storage Pedini, 5D, les Tourrades, chemin de la bastide Rouge, le Bal 2000, Cannes La Bocca (04 93 47 60 64).
For Artematica Vitrum, Gabriele Centazzo has given top priority to clean lines and noble materials (aluminium, glass and stainless steel). Valcucine.
Zone Kitchen, a modular system with sliding doors, sink area and cooking ranges, to be installed against a wall or island-style. Boffi.